What to do to Sell an Old iPhone and Benefit from the New iPhone Sale Offers

With the new iPhone sale offers, you might want to sell your old iPhone so that you can purchase a new device. This is because you want to upgrade to the latest device. However, there are many people selling their devices too and you also want to sell yours at the best price possible while ensuring the security of your data.

When to sell your iPhone

Most people want to sell old iPhones at different times. However, the best time to sell an iPhone online is usually in the weeks that precede the launch of a new iPhone model. At this time, there is a high demand for the existing models and prices are high. When selling an iPhone, timing is very important and to get more money from your old iPhone you should sell it before a new model is announced. Nevertheless, if you sell it too early you will not have a phone in the weeks that precede the launch of a new iPhone. Therefore, think carefully and time properly to avoid staying for too long without a phone or waiting for too long until you get less for your iPhone when you sell it after a new model has been announced.

Prepare your old iPhone for sale

There are many things that you should do to prepare your device for sale. For instance, you should unlock it to increase its resale value. Thus, you will most probably get the moist from your old iPhone sale when you unlock it. Unlocking an iPhone enables you to expand the pool of your potential buyers because it means that the device can be operated on different carriers. You should also backup iOS device. This will enable you to transfer photos, apps and other content to the new iPhone once you purchase it. Additionally, disable the Find My iPhone feature. This anti-theft feature ensures that your phone cannot be used by another person if they stole it or if you lose it. This feature is automatically turned on in iOS 7/8. Finally, erase the content as well as setting of the iPhone before you sell it.

Where to sell an old iPhone

There are several websites via which you can sell an old iPhone. They include sites like Gazelle that you can use with ease. However, some of them will pay you less for an old iPhone. Others include eBay and Craigslist. These have their risks but they allow you to get the most from the device. You can also sell your device via Facebook especially if you have a large network of friends. Alternatively, sell the old iPhone to friends or family members. This option has minimal risk of fraud or theft.

What you need to do

If you are thinking of selling your old iPhone so that you can acquire the latest model, you need to start the search for places where you can get the best iPhone sale offer. This will enable you to get the best deal for your new iPhone after selling your old device.

Where Can I Sell My iPhone; Advice on Convincing Buyers

Most people that go online looking for used iphones are normally looking for a great phone but are under a tight budget. Therefore, if you are wondering; where can i sell my iphone, you need to approach the sale from the point of view that you are convincing a person that can choose other brands to go for apple. One of the major cheaper alternatives when it comes to cells is android operated models. In order to make a sale of your used device, you may need to tell the buyer why it is better than android. Here are some points that you will find very convincing.

Battery life

If you have listened to most people that use android operated devices, especially the main Apple competitor, the thing they just can’t stand is the poor battery life of those gadgets. Most complain that the battery will go for up to a day and two when the gadget is new. However, a few months into using the gadget, the battery life will fall apart completely and it will take an hour or two for the battery to discharge and the phone to shut down. Mention this to potential buyers and they will be more willing to have a look at the apple model.

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Generally, apple devices are created with the highest regard to battery life. The best technology goes into the making of the adapters and the batteries themselves. It has also been established that apple gadgets will have fewer instances of exploded batteries and ruined adapters than their android counterparts. Buying apple consequently means safety for the consumer.


When making a listing on where can i sell my iphone sites, you need to point out to potential sellers that phones will always contain important personal information that should not be compromised no matter what. With the iphone, you will have a fingerprint sensor that makes it impossible for other people to access your phone one it is locked. On the other hand, not many android devices have this option. There are some with a face recognition software but it is not as effective.


Most people find this a very important feature in a cell. Well, when it comes to comparison of the cameras, there are some good android cameras, but most are awful. On the contrary, from the series 4 of the iOS operated gadgets, you will not find one with a camera resolution of less than 8 mega pixels. On the other hand, getting a great camera from android phones needs a lot of searching.

These are the things to discuss on the where can i sell my iphone discussions. When you inform potential customers about the features of the gadgets they are considering, they will trust your opinion and making a sale will be simpler for you.

How to sell your iPhone Online without Being a Scam Victim

If you want to sell your iPhone so that you can buy the latest model, you might be faced with challenges that come with disposing of an old device without feeling that someone is ripping you off. There are websites that will buy your old iPhone but these might not give you the highest price that you might get by selling the phone to a buyer directly. This is why you may consider sites like eBay that allow you to sell your old device directly. Nevertheless, there are things that you should do before you sell your old device. Consider them as the steps that you should follow while selling your old device.

Unlock the iPhone

Unlocking the device should be your first step of selling it. This is because after buying the device, someone may use a carrier that is different from the one you have been using the device with. As such, it is advisable that you unlock your device while selling it to enhance your chances of having it bought quickly. Your iPhone will usually be unlocked by the carrier after your contract comes to an end. For companies that offer prepaid services, the device will be unlocked after one year. To unlock your device before you sell it, contact the carrier or simply fill a form online on the website of the carrier.

Erase data on the iPhone

You do not want to share data with the buyer of your old phone. However, before you erase data in your phone, back up the phone to avoid losing the data. This is simple but important because it enables you to have all data that you can store a new device once you buy it.

List your phone on an online site like eBay

After unlocking and erasing data, you are now ready to sell your iPhone. First, you should search for the current price of the model that you want to sell. This will enable you to get an ideal of the price and the words to include in the title of your listed item. Make sure that the wording that you include in your device once you list it attracts more potential buyers. Also include details about shipping and how you want the buyer to pay you. PayPal is the easiest way of receiving money from the buyer. You can attract more buyers by offering free shipping. Also include the latest and most appealing photos of the device that you  sell your iphone twitter

Ship out the device to the buyer

Once bidding comes to an end, you will get a label for the postage paid shipping if you are selling the device through eBay. You can print this label and attach it to the package. However, avoid shipping the phone until you receive payment from the buyer (you can view sell iphone on manta) who won the bid. If you will not receive the payment after some days, consider making another offer to the next highest buyer or bidder a chance to buy the phone.

Generally, you can sell your iPhone online with ease. You just need to know how to go about it and use the right channel to sell the phone.

What You Need to Know before You Sell iPhone Online

If you want to sell iPhone so that you can buy a new one, you most probably want to know how you can sell it without being ripped off. The excitement of getting a new iPhone 6S Plus or even iPhone 6S can overwhelm you only to realize latter that you sold your device at a throw away price. Sales of a second had device are buoyant. When compared to the models of other manufacturers, your device can give you a great price. However, if you delay before you sell your device, you might end up losing out.

Do not wait for your iPhone to depreciate its value

iPhone can depreciate in its value very quickly once the manufacturer introduces the new model. After a new model has been announced, give your old model two weeks to depreciate by five percent. After four weeks elapses after a new model has been launched, your old model will be 12 percent less valuable. By the time eight weeks elapse; your old device will have lost over 20 percent of its resale value. Therefore, if you have an old iPhone and you want to upgrade to the latest model, you better stop dragging your feet. Make a decision to sell it quickly and try to get the best price possible in the market.

Sell iPhone

Sell your device directly to others on eBay, Craigslist and other similar outlets

eBay, Craigslist and other classifieds that allow you to sell directly are the best options to choose once you have made a decision to sell iPhone. This is because they allow you most control of the selling price of your device.  It is important to note that there are scams online. Therefore, be cautious while selling your device online. With eBay and Craigslist, you will set the asking price for your device which is not the case with some online sites that offer a fixed price. These two options also allow for a lucrative and quickest way of discarding your iPhone in your local area. Note that prices at Craigslist have a tendency to fluctuate on the basis of availability and timing. However, most buyers are willing to pay more so that they can avoid the waiting and shipping hassle.

Consider selling your device to a company

There are many online companies that can pay good money for an old phone. These companies will only need necessary information about the device including memory, carrier and physical condition of the form before they give you a quote. Once you fill information about your device, you will get an automatic offer from the website of such a company. If the offer appeals to you, print out the shipping label for the central address of the service. Ship out the device and wait for the payment via PayPal or check in a week’s time or so.